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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

 APRIL 25, 2015, 2.00pm, STANLEY PARK at Brockton Point

The unveiling and inauguration ceremony  for the Shore to Shore monument of Portuguese Joe Silvey and his two Coast Salish wives (Pkultinat, granddaughter of great chief Kiapilano (she died around  1867 in Stanley park where they lived, later their house and their neighbours' houses were razed and occupants displaced  by the City of Vancouver in the 1920's), and Kwattleemat who delivered 10 children mostly on Reid island, near Galiano) 
will be at 2pm on April 25, 2015*. 
Open to the public.

Luke Marston sculpture on base of traditional Portuguese paving tile.

*(On April 25, 1974, a group of radical  army captains overthrew the fascist regime of Portugal which had been in power over 40 years. The event became known as the Carnation revolution because the soldiers' guns had carnations in the barrels, not bullets.)
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